And meanwhile, cryptocurrencies continue to rise.

How to grow your capital at a rate of 100%+ ?

Benoit Lamouche
2 min readMar 1, 2024

From reading my news feeds and based on the discussions I have with my colleagues and friends, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have completely vanished from the scene… in favor of AI! It’s no news to you, thanks to ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies that have made the technology accessible to the general public, AI is capturing everyone’s attention.

Yet, there’s one field that continues to make its way, and that’s the realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Indeed, the hype around Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to have passed, even as the market for these currencies continues to grow.

Exactly one year ago, ETHER was valued at 1554 euros, compared to 3164 euros today… which is a 102% increase in value (I hope you kept your cryptocurrencies safe and warm).

ETH/EUR value

As for Bitcoin, it has had a similar trajectory… but even more aggressive! Indeed, a Bitcoin was traded for 22181 euros a year ago, versus 57585 euros today… which is a 159% increase.

BTC/EUR value

It’s worth mentioning, this is still more advantageous than a savings account or 99.99% of stock market investments.

Speaking of the stock market, this explosion can be partly explained by the stock market since one of the largest asset management funds (Blackrock) recently got approval from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for a Bitcoin ETF. This approval has boosted the value of the cryptocurrency as it makes it more easily accessible to stock portfolio owners.

The same thing is happening with ETH, with a decision that could come by the end of May. So, there’s still time to invest if you haven’t already done so.