Unveiling the ultimate Notion template for enhanced productivity

Benoit Lamouche
2 min readJan 10, 2024

You probably know Notion, the famous note-taking app, but it’s more than that since Notion is much more powerful.

I’ve been a user for many years, having started in 2019, at a time when the solution was not as powerful, but even then, I saw in Notion the best app to replace Evernote, which was becoming increasingly complicated to use with many performance issues.

I began using Notion like everyone else for taking notes, but I quickly grasped the strength of Notion: databases, relationships, functions, templates, and automation.

Despite all this, it still took me a lot of time and several iterations to arrive at the perfect tool (in my opinion) for activity management.

I waited a long time before deciding to share it, the reason being the fear of having to update it quickly and thus render the first template obsolete.

The time for maturity has arrived! I must admit that the template as it exists has not been updated for nearly a year, and I use it daily to manage my activities. I have also submitted this template to other “personas”; my wife also uses it daily in a professional field opposite to mine.

The strengths of this template

The complexity of my job is having to work on a multitude of subjects, sometimes very different from each other, and with many people who are not physically with me (remote work, in different cities or countries). All this makes tracking activities complex.

So, I created a dashboard, which allows managing tasks and meeting notes, and linking everything with people or projects.


I can see all the tasks and meetings associated with a project.
I can see all the tasks associated with a meeting.
I can see all the meetings and tasks associated with a person.

It’s a highly flexible system that offers several entry points on the subjects that drive work daily.

I distribute the template for free, you can find the screenshots and retrieve it on this page.

Please feel free to give me your feedback so that I can take them into account in future developments. I hope this template will be useful to you.