My productivity system 2024

My tools for efficiency

Benoit Lamouche
2 min readApr 27, 2024

I am convinced that using the right tools at the right time and in the right way can either make us feel better and reduce mental load, or be more efficient, or both.

Here’s my 2024 setup.



My main AI assistance tool. I use the paid version. Daily, it allows me to generate visuals, draft texts and messages, get definitions, brainstorm…

Mistral Au Large

The French gem! I use it more for testing than for production.


Google Keep

Keep is a very light and simple app that I use daily for personal use, for shopping, or to quickly note something down.


I love this tool, it’s clearly a game changer and has become essential in the daily management of my activities. I have created and use a custom template which I discuss here.

Task Management


Agenda Management

Google Calendar

For all personal and family activities I use Google Calendar. It’s the best way to synchronize everyone’s schedules in the family.

Office 365

My professional calendar is managed on Office 365, but both of my calendars are closely linked so that my main professional events appear in my personal calendar and vice versa.



For personal use

Office 365

For professional use


I am a very big supporter of automation. If a machine can do one or more of my tasks and save me time, I am very happy.

Power Automate

For professional activities, I mainly use Power Automate which allows me to perform a set of tasks automatically without having to worry about them (sorting emails, extracting information, organizing attachments…).


For personal use, I use Zapier which is extremely powerful. I use it a lot especially for sports.

Sport management

I will write a specific article as this use case is more comprehensive than the others.